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Bramco has a complete and uninterrupted focus on research and development.

Our products and solutions are our own. They are the result of many years of detailed and complex development processes backed by over forty years of scientific and engineering experience.

With compliance to latest industry standards and possessing certifications and approvals where needed, we are pleased to demonstrate our new releases.


A01320 - Fascia Earth Leakage Module (fel3) Download Datasheet

A01471 - Earth Leakage Relay (el1) Download Datasheet

A01220 - Earth Leakage Lockout Frozen Contactor (ellfc3) Download Datasheet

A01243 - Neutral Link Monitor (nlm3) Download Datasheet

A01470 - Neutral Earth Resistance Monitor (ne3) Download Datasheet

A01233 - ICMS System Diagnosis Kit Datasheet Download

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